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Deter intruders from entering your private property with aluminum signs, plastic signs, and more.

Who is Considered a Trespasser?

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Criminal Liability – Trespass

Two of the biggest fears of both business and landowners is liability and the risk of trespassing that comes with owning private property. In addition to preventing trespassing, the reasons for using this type of signage can include a desire for privacy, vandalism and theft prevention, preventing hunting, fishing and trapping, and the obvious liability prevention.

After all, private property rights are outlined in the Constitution and, for many, evoke some extremely strong emotions. So from no trespassing to restricted access to private property signs, find your state in the map below to see what types of no trespassing signage will give you legal recourse and help protect your property from ignorant or malicious intruders. In most cases criminal trespassing is defined as entering or remaining on a premises or property in which one does not have the authorization, license or privilege to do so.

Usually notice against entering or remaining can either be delivered in oral or written fashion by the property owner or an authorized agent. Laws vary slightly from state to state with some being very basic and others having very detailed requirements for providing proper notice. In most states criminal trespassing is punishable by a misdemeanor though in some it is considered a felony.

Almost without fail the distinction is based on the situation and intent of the trespasser. Some states have trespassing laws specific to the type of property. Notwithstanding, we are not lawyers and will not be held responsible for information found on this page. Nonetheless, readers are responsible for ascertaining both the law and source are correct before acting on this advice in any way, including the customization of templates and purchase of signs. Click on the any template below to customize it or find them in our no trespassing templates page. This authorization can be given by the land owner or an authorized representative.

Even land that is unused, unimproved and is neither fenced or designed to exclude trespassers is off limits either through verbal communication or posting of signage in a conspicuous manner. Notice is given to the person by the owner or by an authorized person that there is no trespassing. Notice is given to the person in a reasonably visible way based on the circumstances. Contains name and address of both the person whose authority is posting the sign and the one that can grant permission to enter.

Arizona state laws for trespassing, under AS , detail that it is considered trespassing when informed or requested by a land owner, an authorized representative or law enforcement. Definitions of trespassing can be found here in section If the trespassing involves a vehicle or occupiable structure it is considered a Class B misdemeanor, otherwise it is a Class C misdemeanor. The law states that any person who enters onto private property that is enclosed or cultivated without written permission from the owner or authorized agent is guilty of trespassing.

Trespassing can either be a felony in criminal situations or a misdemeanor in other instances. This includes activities including hunting, fishing, trapping etc. Trespassers under these circumstances would be charged with an infraction and levied a fine. While there are different levels of criminal trespassing the basic definition is similar to many other states.

To point, any person who enters and remains unlawfully without consent from the land owner or an authorized person, or enters on a fenced or enclosed area can be found guilty of trespassing. The difference is that there is not verbiage around unenclosed areas and signage that would still cause trespassers to be charged.

In particular this is missing from section Florida trespassing laws are some of the most detailed in the nation when it comes to trespassing and signage. They are detailed in sections Florida defines in great detail different structures and circumstances in which trespassing would be applicable. Notwithstanding, it occurs primarily when someone enters and remains without being authorized to do so. It is also unlawful to damage or remove no trespassing signage. Said signs shall be placed along the boundary line of posted land in a manner and in such position as to be clearly noticeable from outside the boundary line; or.

Conspicuous no trespassing notice is painted on trees or posts on the property, provided that the notice is:. II Placed so that the bottom of the painted notice is not less than 3 feet from the ground or more than 5 feet from the ground ; and. III Placed at locations that are readily visible to any person approaching the property and no more than feet apart on agricultural land.

Georgia no trespassing laws are similar to those in many other states. Trespassing is when someone knowingly enters and remains on private property without the proper authorization of the owner or an agent. Unlike other states this is unclear. This is applicable to commercial properties and must be issued within a one year period in which the event took place. It may or may not contain other details as outlined at the link above.

For agricultural lands that are neither enclose nor designed to keep intruders out, signage must be visibly displayed and clearly noticeable from outside the property and include :. These signs also need to have letters no less than 2 inches high, be visible from outside the property and be placed along the boundaries and entry points. Idaho trespassing laws are covered under Title 18 Chapter 70 — particularly sections and Also, signage can ensure that willful damage and trespassing makes violators guilty of a misdemeanor.

In this case, signage must meet the following description :. The owner or occupant, amongst other things, must ensure that written notice forbidding entry is posted in a visible way at the main entrance to the land or property or forbidden part. This is only applicable to municipalities of under 2,, inhabitants.

Full details and regulations around this type of marking can be found at the link above. Indiana no trespassing laws are detailed in state code in section IC Version a and IC Version b which deal with the details of criminal trespassing. Violators will be deemed trespassing under a number of different circumstances when they knowingly enter and remain on real property without proper oral or written consent.

Trespassing laws for Iowa are explained in Chapter of Iowa Code, specifically section This section lays out all the examples of what can be considered trespassing, even including specific acts such as pursuing animals shot previously on to another property, hunting whitetail deer, etc. According to Depending on what is done during the trespassing incident, violators may be charged with a serious misdemeanor.

There is no specific verbiage around posted notice or signage. Specifically details that violators will be found guilty of a criminal trespass, a class B nonperson misdemeanor, when entering and remaining without consent on property as defined in this section. Kentucky no trespassing laws are outlined in the Kentucky Revised Statutes in Chapter There is no specific language around posted notice or signage.

No trespassing laws for the state of Louisiana are found in RS The law states that no person shall enter or remain on property that they do not have written or verbal communication to be on. The definition of property and specific situations are outlined in full detail in section sixty-three. There is no exact verbiage detailing signage requirements or how it may protect property other than to say that warning can be verbal or written.

Which presumably means that signage could be used. Intruders are guilty of trespassing if they enter and remain when not licensed or privileged to do so. Signage plays a key role in areas that are neither fenced or designed to exclude intruders. Must indicate that access is prohibited without proper consent or that certain activities are expressly prohibited.

Specifically, trespassers can not enter property where signs are placed in a reasonably visible way. Paint marks on trees or posts at each roadway entrance and adjacent to public roadways, waterways and adjoining land also constitutes fair warning.

Unless noted elsewhere, Maryland has some of the least defined laws in regards to property and trespassing when compared to the rest of the United States. Trespassing laws for Massachusetts are laid out in several different sections of their state laws. In particular, sections , and others between sections B and lay out trespassing details. Similar to Massachusetts, Michigan lays out trespassing violations in various sections of their law.

The one most pertinent to private property is found in Section This section states that a person can not enter or remain without lawful authority to do so or after being notified to depart. No specific language for signage is noted in this section. Guilty parties are charged with a misdemeanor and may face fines and or incarceration.

Trespassing laws for Minnesota are detailed in the Minnesota Statutes in Section Minnesota laws are some of the most detailed in the nation and outline many different definitions for sites and actions related to trespassing.

Namely, that signage for a locked building must be:. Further, for construction areas of greater size the number of signs that is required goes up for each full 10 acres of land. The sign must be 8. Signage for a mining location must meet similar requirements including:. With some of the most detailed laws, land and property owners would be wise to read these guidelines carefully straight from the source as linked to above.

Violators can be charged in various ways depending on the situation. When signage is used it must meet the following stipulations :. No trespassing laws in Missouri are detailed in sections Upon entering and remaining without proper authorization a person is found guilty of first degree trespass. This is considered a Class B misdemeanor. This occurs only when the property is fenced or enclosed in a way to exclude intruders, it is communicated verbally or posted in a manner which is reasonably likely to be seen.

So like many some other states a simple no trespassing sign of good size and a clear message will suffice.

South Dakota Codified Laws > Title 22 > Chapter 35 – Criminal Trespass

Similar to Illinois, purple paint to mark streets and posts can also be used and is detailed here. Criminal trespassing laws for Montana are outlined in Montana Code Section Entering and remaining without the license or privilege to do so constitutes trespassing in Montana. Nebraska trespassing laws are laid out in the Nebraska Revised Statutes in — There are different degrees of criminal trespass in Nebraska as outlined in the sections noted above.

NRS This occurs after having been warned, which means some kind of generic no trespassing signage needs to be present. Further, more stringent signage regulations are outlined for land with agricultural purposes. These are:. I Intervals of such a distance as is necessary to ensure that at least one such structure, natural object or post would be within the direct line of sight of a person standing next to another such structure, natural object or post, but at intervals of not more than 1, feet; and.